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Introducing the Sparrow Bullet, a remarkable transformation of the iconic 2013
Sparrow shapes model into a cutting-edge 2+1 high-performance board designed for today's surfers. This board is your ultimate summer companion, offering unrivaled fun in a wide range of conditions, from mellow 2-foot slop to energetic 4-foot beach breaks – it excels in every setting.

The Bullet lives up to its name, effortlessly gliding through flat sections while turning on a dime. For an extra burst of speed, consider the Supercharge option and experience surfing like never before. Get ready to elevate your surfing game with the all-new Bullet.

  • Wave Size: 1-5FT
  • Best Performance: 2-4FT
  • Ability/Experience: Intermediate to expert
  • Rocker: Medium-low 
  • Rails: Medium Full
  • Outline:  Fuller through the nose, slightly wider tail.
  • Bottom: Single to double concave with slight exit vee /Super charged option available
  • Tail Shape: Winged Swallow
  • Fin Setup: 2+1
  • Construction: PU or Epoxy Construction / 4x4x4/ White inegra tail Patches. Light and strong.