• How old are you? Just about Approaching 40!
  • Where’d you grow up surfing? Pretty much Greenmount was the spot or spot X (the other side of kirra big groyne) when we were young as well as KIRRA, snapper and Dbah. I joined Kirra board riders when I was 15 and was a member for 15 years before founding Dbah boards riders with a bunch of the boys. It’s been 10 years now and now I've signed up to be the president - what could go wrong ..right?
  • How old were you when you first got sponsored, surfing career highlights? I think I was about 17 a bit later then the rest of my mates. MCD, O&E, Fox wetsuits , Kustom. In the Pro Jnr I got to the Quarter finals not that great but surfing against mates like Mick, Parko and Dingo I’ll take it. Probably the Biggest highlight was winning the teams event with fellow shaper Adrian York in the Sean fanning and Joel green memorial. Being really close to the boys made it a very special moment.
  • How old were you when you gave competitive surfing the flick? I think it was the first year I tried to do the WQS so I think about 20 straight after the JNR series. I still surfed in the occasional Local QCC events through my 20’s though. And still make an appearance for the team Club events when they're desperate now!
  • When did you start shaping? I started sweeping floors for DHD & JS when I was 17 and it wasn’t long before they had me profiling the boards and cutting the outline out for them. I pretty much started shaping boards for my mates at the end of that year.
  • Who did you work for at the start? Started with DHD & JS when they were under the same roof. I was shaping Sparrow boards and also doing Brothers Neilson boards at that time. Base came along not long after that and it was a natural progression to tag along with DHD. The Rusty deal came about with Base as I was making boards for the Hazza twins and Kerrzy and they brought me in to be the East coast shaper for the brand. The move to Superbrand came as I could see the wheel starting to fall off at base and had to get a second job slinging bags at the airport to pay the bills. It was while I was on the tarmac I was approached by Superbrand to become the APAC shaper for the brand. It wasn't long after long after that I became the Global head Shaper/Designer for the brand.
  • What year did Sparrow brand originally start, how come? I guess in 1997 I was 17 working for DHD and trying to compete professionally and our Japan distributor at the time wanted a new up and coming shaper to make a price point board. I started to make boards for all my mates as well and it took off quite quickly.
  • Why did Sparrow brand stop making boards? I had to sign the Sparrow logo over to base as a condition to keep my job moving forward. Reluctantly I did. After several years of working there I saw the writing on the wall and that bills weren’t getting paid etc and the Superbrand deal came along. I had to leave the logo I created behind and move on. It’s been 12 years on and I've finally got my logo back. It's time to bring sexy back!!
  • What boards do you ride at the moment? GTO 6’1 Blackpearl 5’11, Air Assault 5’10, Groveller 59